Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors
Console Nintendo Wii
Publisher Sega
Developer Sonic Team
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe
Downloads 25,338
Size 3.53 G
Released November 16, 2010
4.2/5 (58 votes)
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The evil one, or one Dr. Eggman, has concocted yet another scheme to take control of the world!

He has constructed an incredible interstellar amusement park located in space around Sonic’s home planet, packed to the brim with great rides and attractions.

On the other hand, things are not what they appear to be because Dr. Eggman has kidnapped an extraterrestrial race and is using their vibrant energy to power a devious plan. But before Dr. Eggman can carry out his nefarious schemes, Sonic stumbles upon Dr. Eggman’s enigmatic amusement park in outer space.

Sonic discovers, upon his arrival, that he is also able to make use of these alien powers, and he is eager to assist. To pass this test, Sonic will need all of his speed and skill, but thanks to the power bestowed upon him by the alien energy, he can do so with flying colors.


  • Non-stop, high-velocity action throughout.
  • To learn new moves, you’ll need to hunt down alien Wisps and collect their new “color power.”
  • Exclusive Color Capabilities for the Wii and Nintendo DSTM Systems
  • On the Wii, a flawless combination of traditional 2D and 3D perspectives; on the Nintendo DS, a rock-solid 2D dual-screen gaming experience!
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