Aggressive Inline

Aggressive Inline
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Acclaim Entertainment , Inc.
Developer Ltd. , Z-Axis
Genre Sports
Region Europe
Downloads 2,264
Size 59.54 M
Released May 28, 2002
2.8/5 (10 votes)
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As you make your way through the career mode, which requires you to accomplish goals (such as grinding a particular object(s) to jump over giant gaps and earn points), additional arenas will become available. There are seven of these arenas; if you get tired of playing through them, you can create your in-the-park editor. The game does not have a strict time limit but instead uses a “juice meter”; this meter fills up whenever the player completes stunts, and when it is depleted, the level is completed. You can level up your character in seven stats throughout the game, such as speed and grinds. The game has a “learning by doing” approach, which means that the related stat will improve if the associated activities are performed frequently enough in the game. In addition, each level contains five secret keys that can be used to access other sections inside the same level.

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