Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Electronic Arts
Genre Action , Shooter
Downloads 67,440
Size 90.09 M
Released February 28, 2006
4/5 (113 votes)
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Sgt. J. Keller, a member of the Black Ops, has just had a catastrophic failure in his operation. He has been taken into custody and is currently being questioned so that his mission can be revealed and so that we can determine what went wrong. The player goes through Keller’s botched mission in each of the game’s eight different areas, eliminating enemy soldiers while simultaneously attempting to keep themselves alive. There are core aims, such as arriving at the rendezvous site, and subsidiary objectives, such as obtaining intelligence.

Black is a first-person shooter in the typical sense, with a variety of weaponry and interactive scenery, whereas “interactive” refers to the ability to destroy the environment. It is possible to eliminate enemy forces by, for instance, demolishing a nearby fuel tank. Additionally, vulnerable shelters, such as wooden fence, can be blasted to bits in order to reveal the location of the enemy.

There are four different difficulty settings available to choose from when playing this game: easy, regular, hard, and black ops. Only the primary goal is required to be completed in the easy mode. In the standard and hard difficulties, you must complete a certain number of optional side quests. In the Black Ops mode, which can be accessed after beating the game on the hardest difficulty setting, all of the objectives must be accomplished. After you have successfully completed a level, you will gain access to new weaponry.

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