Bomberman Hardball

Bomberman Hardball
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Magical Company
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region Japan
Downloads 4,025
Size 123.23 M
Released July 1, 2005
5/5 (1 vote)
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Bomberman Hardball consists of four games. Tennis, golf, and baseball games join the standard Bomberman game mode. The Living way, a character-building feature in which the player can design a Bomberman for battle mode, is at the heart of it all. The centerpiece of this and all other Bomberman games is Battle Mode. This mode follows the standard Bomberman formula, with players navigating grid-based mazes and planting bombs in an attempt to hit other players (while avoiding being hit by a bomb themselves). Battle Mode has several variations, but they all revolve around the standard Bomberman gameplay—classic Battle: A traditional deathmatch game. Collect the most stars in the Star Battle. Crown Battle: To win the game, find the crown in each level. Point Battle: Score the most points by eliminating your opponents. Replay: Viewed saved game sessions on a memory card.

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