Buzz! Junior: RoboJam

Buzz! Junior: RoboJam delivers the robot shenanigans of the original smash game for the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 3. It does so with five great minigames packed to the gills with mechanical mayhem. Choose one of four awesome robo-kids to play as, then prepare for sci-fi pillow fights, explosive foot races, and even a round of “Odd Bot Out.” You may be the best at stomping on the cosmic goo-bugs when you play Manic Mallets. Just be careful not to get crushed by the dangerous piston! Buzz! Junior is a game that may be played easily using Buzz! Buzzers or a Wireless Controller. RoboJam is a game that the whole family can enjoy together since it supports up to four players and comes with trophy support, which means that your best achievements will be recognized. And if no one else is nearby to compete with, don’t worry; the innovative “SmartBot” feature allows the computer to replace your friends, so you’re never truly alone in the game.

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