Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Sony
Developer Tecmo
Genre Adventure , Horror
Region Japan
Downloads 7,572
Size 1.61 G
Released December 13, 2001
4/5 (5 votes)
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Miku Hinasaki is a young girl who has an unusual sixth sense. Her brother, Mafuyu, and his mentor, Junsei Takamine, went to investigate a mansion once home to a powerful landowner who wielded absolute power over the area. They never returned from their investigation, sadly. Miku enters the mansion, armed only with an antique camera given to her by her late mother, in search of her brother. Miku will encounter ghosts and other spiritual apparitions while inside the mansion. She must use the magical camera to capture the ghosts on film, trapping them forever, to overcome these spirits and survive. Ghosts can range from invisible fragments hidden in scenery to memories of the past that appear for a split second before disappearing to full-body apparitions that will attack and kill Miku. The Camera Obscura shot must first be “charged” by keeping the ghost centered and visible to defeat an aggressive ghost. If Miku fires a picture while the ghost is attacking or vulnerable, she will drain even more energy from it, earning more spirit points. Points can then be spent to improve her camera’s attributes or to give it special abilities, such as slowing or pushing away ghosts. Miku must use the Camera Obscura to solve puzzles within the mansion because it can reveal clues and dispel illusions.

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