Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Squaresoft
Developer Squaresoft
Genre Role-Playing
Downloads 24,557
Released December 20, 2001
4/5 (57 votes)
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A teenage athlete named Tidus lives in the future city of Zanarkand, also known as “the city that never sleeps.” He enjoys playing blitzball, a type of dodgeball in which participants fly around the court while throwing the ball. A tragic accident takes place out of the blue. The city is engulfed by a massive wave of darkness, which gives birth to creatures. Tidus comes into contact with the enigmatic beast, and as a direct result of this, he finds himself in a new world that is set one thousand years in the future. The society that he was raised in no longer exists in this world. He finds out that Sin, a dreadful monster who is thought to be invincible, was responsible for the destruction of the world he once knew. Tidus gets to know a teenage summoner by the name of Yuna and decides to accompany her as a guardian on her mission to defeat Sin’s reign of terror.

Final Fantasy X is a role-playing game in the Japanese style that is set in a realm that is fairly analogous to South Asia. It is only possible to physically explore specific locales within the game; there is no overarching “world map,” and the exploring process is extremely linear. The game does away with the series’ traditional active-time battle (ATB) combat in favor of a Conditional Turn-Based Battle system. In this system, the turns of the participants are determined by the character’s stats and actions, with turn order displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Enemy encounters are also randomized.

In addition, the standard method of leveling up is not used in this game. The game does not include character levels; rather, the player gains experience points as a result of combat, which can then be used by them to directly improve the characteristics of their characters. Each character has its own unique “sphere map,” which can either be linear or branch out into multiple paths. Along these paths, there are checkpoints that either boost the character’s personal statistics or teach him or her active and passive abilities. The characters each have their own unique set of class characteristics, and it is possible to switch between any of the members of the party while they are engaged in combat. Monsters that are summoned now operate like playable characters, have their own hit points (HP), and can battle with the party until they are defeated. In-game, these monsters are referred to as eons.

This is the first installment in the series to include voiceovers for conversations that take place during cutscenes. The most prominent of the game’s many minigames are the blitzball competitions. The game also includes other minigames.

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