Ford vs. Chevy

Ford vs. Chevy
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher 2K Games
Developer Eutechnyx
Genre Racing
Downloads 1,719
Size 302.71 M
Released November 11, 2005
5/5 (1 vote)
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Few rivalries in American history generate more emotional responses than that of the longest-running rivalry in American motorsports: Ford vs. Chevy. Ford and Chevy are the two most iconic brands in American motorsports. Tens of millions of Ford and Chevrolet owners and NASCAR racing enthusiasts are likely to participate in this competition. Ford vs. Chevrolet transports players to Westington, where inhabitants Tyrone Baker and Eddie Olson, who were rivals, began things off way back in the early days of motoring by racing their respective Ford Model T and Chevy 490 automobiles. Players take on the role of either Baker or Olson. Their competition intensified over the years, and eventually, owners of additional Fords and Chevrolets joined in on the fun. The Westington Cup is a trophy that was established as a result of this competition. And so we have arrived at this day, which marks the beginning of the round for the Westington Cup. It is time to protect your team’s honor as a driver for either the Ford or the Chevrolet squad, and you will do it by competing in various competitions, tasks, and cars. The excitement level is through the roof when you race 48 of the hottest Ford and Chevrolet automobiles, trucks, and race cars.

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