Front Mission 4

Front Mission 4
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Square Enix
Developer Square Enix
Genre Role-Playing , Strategy
Downloads 5,842
Size 843.05 M
Released June 15, 2004
4/5 (9 votes)
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Wanzer (“Walking Tanks” mecha) formed many military forces’ backbone2096. The European Community is enjoying a period of relative peace when a mysterious force launches surprise attacks on German bases. It is decided to send the EC Armor Tactics Research Corps, also known as “Durandal,” to investigate. Elsa, a young recruit inside the Durandal, is soon caught up in an international conspiracy. Meanwhile, Venezuela attempts to break away from the United Continental States (U.C.S.). UCS Forces are dispatched to restore order and remove Governor Diaz. During a routine patrol, Sgt. Darril and his patrol witness the downing of a cargo plane. When they go to investigate, they discover it is a plane carrying some of Diaz’s gold. This smells like an opportunity for Darril, a demoralized UCS soldier… Front Mission 4 is a strategy game with a turn-based plot that alternates between two different theaters of operation: Elsa and Darril. The story moves forward while you control the wanzer forces of either character. Most battles occur on an overhead map divided into two phases: player and enemy. A wanzer can typically move once and then use his remaining Action Points (AP) to fire on the enemy or use an ability. Battle victories earn Experience Points, which can be exchanged for new skills such as Rapid Fire or Evasion bonuses. Each character has a limited number of Skill slots, which are filled in various ways by powers. While each character prefers specific skills, there is no limit to what any pilot can learn. Money can be found on the map (along with items) or earned after a successful battle to upgrade wanzers and buy new weapons.

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