God Hand

God Hand
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Capcom
Developer Clover Studio
Genre Action , Fighting
Downloads 47,850
Size 981.97 M
Released October 10, 2006
4.2/5 (100 votes)
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A shady vagrant by the name of Gene loses his right arm as a result of an attack carried out by a group of nasty thugs. When he comes to, he sees a young girl standing by his side, and his right arm has been joined to the rest of his body. But this is no longer an average arm; it has been replaced with the fabled “God Hand,” and now that Gene has it, every demon in the county is on the lookout for him because they all want to get their hands on it. And considering that these four strong figures are plotting the destruction of the globe, it’s likely that things are going to turn ugly.

God Hand is a Western-styled 3D beat-em-up game where the protagonist has an immensely powerful hand and hits adversaries repeatedly to defeat them. The user is able to totally personalize their attacks to their taste, in addition to gaining new ones as they progress through the game. You have the option of setting up a combo that requires four presses of the square button (you may choose which attack to perform with each push), or you can select more powerful special attacks and juggles. You can avoid enemy strikes by moving the analog stick in the direction that corresponds to the attack coming from the attacker. When the player successfully stuns an opponent, a “push this button” icon will appear on the screen (in a manner very similar to that of God of War). If the player responds appropriately to this bonus prompt, Gene will do some additional damage to the opponent.

The ‘Tension Gauge’ of Gene will fill up when he has dealt enough damage to foes with his regular fists, at which point the player will be able to activate the God Hand by pressing a specialized button. This will have the effect of temporarily increasing Gene’s power and speed while also rendering him entirely immune to harm. The player also has the opportunity to make use of ‘Roulette Moves,’ which employ a unique assault based on which one is selected from the available options.

There is also a casino included in the game, in which the player has the option to wager using slot machines, video poker, or blackjack. Gene may buy a wide variety of maneuvers and power-ups with the money he earns at the Casino, which he can employ to give him an advantage in battle.

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