Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Genre Adventure
Downloads 382
Released January 8, 2008
5/5 (1 vote)
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The show Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is based on the Adult Swim series of the same name. The game is more of an interactive story that takes you through five different cases with characters from the TV show. The gameplay consists primarily of exploring crime scenes, gathering evidence, speaking with cartoon character witnesses, and attempting to prove your client’s innocence by any means necessary. You are only allowed five crests during your court hearing; losing all five when making a mistake will force you to restart at the last checkpoint and start over. Selecting specific moves while conversing with others can result in different crests for your court hearing or even a Street Fighter cameo (Guile, Dhalsim, Zangief, Ryu, and Chun Li) that will unlock a secret movie that you can view.

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