Jak 3

Jak 3
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Inc. , Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developer Naughty Dog
Genre Action , Platform
Downloads 11,082
Size 218.99 M
Released November 9, 2004
3.8/5 (15 votes)
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Jak III is an open-world shooting action game developed by Naughty Dog for the Playstation series. Franchise Jak is a game series that tells the adventure of the Jak and Daxter couple through many places and discovers remnant of the ancient civilization. The game still uses the same gameplay as previous games, and will add new features to give players a unique experience with Jak III.

Like its predecessors, Jak III is a mixture of platforming, driving, and gun combat. And the game features more action scenes than boring conversations. The game has much better and wider gameplay than previous games, and it will add new things to the player entertainment with Jak & Daxter. Players will be guided through the plot as they complete tasks assigned by different people. The missions system will vary in terms of goals and rewards, such as destroying particular enemies, going to a certain location, and completing a puzzle. Of course, the rewards would be great if the player completed, and players can use those rewards to develop Jak’s strength.

The difference between Jak III and Jak II is the atmosphere of Haven City and other places. Things like color tones, styles, and even the size of the city will be improved. Interestingly, players will have access to many new weapons as they experience the story, and there will even be a massive upgrade system for each weapon for players to play with enemies. The “Dark Jak” form introduced in the second game allows Jak to become stronger in terms of combat ability, but in Jak III, it will be countered by Light Jak. It is a new form of Jak that makes him bulkier and more defensive. Of course, players can change between the two shapes during the battle to create tactics suitable for each enemy.

The plot of Jak III will still take place in a world specially designed by Naughty Dog specifically for this series. With the perfect combination of cyberpunk/steampunk and fantasy elements to build a great world for players to explore. This game also allows players exploring around in their spare time instead of going on a mission. Jak III is a new arson, and it is even appreciated for what it brings to the players, such as entertainment and action.

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