KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A

KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher SNK Playmore
Developer SNK Playmore
Genre Fighting
Downloads 3,949
Size 751.57 M
Released January 1, 1970
3.8/5 (5 votes)
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The fighting game KOF Maximum Impact Regulation “A,” which was developed by SNK Playmore, is an improvement to the previous installment, KOF: Maximum Impact 2. In July 2008, it was made available for play on the Taito Type-X2 arcade system. This is the sole arcade release of the KOF: MI series that was ever produced. It implements the tried-and-true three-on-three gameplay from the 2D KOF series with the expectation that this will attract both new players and the series’ existing following. On July 26, 2008, the game was also made available in Japan exclusively for the Playstation 2 console.

In Maximum Impact 2, several stages, along with the story mode and the challenge mode, have been taken out of the game. In addition to this, all of the characters have lost approximately fifty percent of the clothing items that make up their normal and alternate wardrobes. Because Armor Ralf was too powerful compared to the other cast members, his spot on the roster was eliminated. In addition to the addition of new alternate versions of stages and a new level for Makoto Mizoguchi, there is also some new music that has been incorporated into the game. These songs come from the first Maximum Impact as well as Sengoku 3.

At the Tokyo Game Show in 2008, it was revealed that a follow-up game named KOF Maximum Impact Regulation “A” 2 will be available on the PS2 and the Taito TypeX2. Many people were under the impression that the game would be delayed while KOF XII was being developed, but it was ultimately scrapped.

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