Monster Rancher EVO

Monster Rancher EVO
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Codemasters , Tecmo
Developer Codemasters , Tecmo
Genre Action , Adventure , Fighting , Racing
Downloads 1,101
Size 651.23 M
Released April 11, 2006
5/5 (1 vote)
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Monster Rancher EVO is a step forward in the evolution of monster breeding, with a complex tale driven by the characters, a two-phase training system, three-on-three combat, and the option to grow numerous monsters at the same time. As they follow in the footsteps of Julio, a teenage circus artist who has ambitions of becoming a champion monster breeder, players must strike a balance between exploring role-playing situations and breeding monsters. As the player follows the circus around seven various towns, they will have opportunities to participate in new adventures and make new friends who will assist them in training and breeding monsters. This latest iteration of Monster Rancher features an improved version of the series’ signature media disc input system, which generates monsters based on the CD, PlayStation 2 game, or DVD that the player inserts into the PlayStation 2. While Monster Rancher EVO maintains the series’ long-standing conventions, it also represents a progression of the Monster Rancher franchise.

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