Motion Gravure Series: Mori Hiroko

Motion Gravure Series: Mori Hiroko
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The motion gravure series is less of a “game” and more of an interactive centerfold; it features video clips of sexy Japanese models in various settings and can be played online. What sets these clips apart from others? Each pin comprises a series of still photographs that, when combined, form a single continuous video. The process results in visuals that are very surreal and are accompanied by a soundtrack that is ambient or minimal. As each video plays, the viewer can zoom in closer and better see what’s going on. Any part of the clips can be “dog-eared,” meaning they can be marked as favorites and played again later. You can access five “Secret Shot!” clips if you press the triangle button as soon as a visual cue appears while the game is being played commonly. After completing all five required steps, the sixth and final clip will become available. In this book, the sultry Japanese model Mori Hiroko appears (aka Hiroko Mori in western naming convention).

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