Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Bungie Studios
Genre Adventure , Fighting , Shooter
Downloads 8,242
Size 371.03 M
Released January 29, 2001
5/5 (1 vote)
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In this action-packed adventure game based on an episode of the show, players take control of Peter, Brian, and Stewie as they work through various objectives and experiences. After being hit on the head by a satellite dish, Peter awakens in a hospital. He believes that the character Mr. Belvedere from a 1980s sitcom has abducted his family and that everyone in the town is complicit in the crime. Peter fights through town in a beat-em-up fighting mode with a side-scrolling perspective, attacking and defeating anyone in his way. It has been falsely claimed that Brian is to blame for Carter Pewterschmidt’s prized racing dog, Seabreeze, becoming pregnant. It is critical that Brian escapes the police station unnoticed and gathers evidence to prove that he is not the child’s father. Brian’s mode is primarily about sneaking around and collecting information. Stewie’s conflict with his half-brother Bertram continues, as Stewie is forced to destroy everything in his path to enter a hospital and Peter’s body to locate Bertram’s lair and prevent him from taking control of the world. Stewie is playing an action-adventure platformer game that includes shooting elements. Some segues translate into minigames and, if completed successfully, will yield power-ups for each mission. These segues are very similar to those seen in the show.

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