Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Konami
Developer Konami
Genre Sports
Region Japan
Downloads 65,116
Size 314.67 M
Released October 27, 2006
3.7/5 (125 votes)
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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 makes its debut during the 2006–2007 season, complete with the most recent club and international player transfers. Some of the newer clubs were given their appropriate names (such as Manchester United instead of Man Red), while other clubs have dropped their original identities (such as Chelsea which is now once again London FC). Nevertheless, despite the names, the players are accurate; for example, Chelsea does have Ballack and Schevchenko, while Real Madrid now has Van Nistelrooy, who once played for Manchester United.

The controls are the same, but the motions and strategies have altered, which is something that typically happens when moving from one game to another. It is more difficult to get away with fouls than in the game before, but players must now turn much more slowly unless they are proficient in the technique. The moves are a lot more realistic, and the goalkeepers don’t always have an easy time catching the ball; occasionally even the simple ones get away from them. Having said that, it all brings us one step closer to reality, despite the fact that it removes part of the reality factor from other aspects. The traditional broadcast, tower, and bird’s-eye view cameras, as well as cups, leagues, and master leagues, are all present and accounted for.

Due to the fact that the PC version is a conversion of the PS2 engine, the Xbox 360 version is the only one that has high-definition graphics and more animations than the PC version. However, the Xbox 360 version is missing a few features, such as cooperative play, the PES shop, a replay save feature, and some minor settings, such as the ability to create players, rename leagues, edit kits, team names, boots, and player appearances, and you cannot swap kit combinations. Other features missing from the Xbox 360 version include a replay save feature and a PES shop.

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