Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild

Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Eidos , THQ
Developer Rainbow Studios , Silicon Dreams
Genre Racing , Sports
Region North America
Downloads 3,280
Size 83.85 M
Released October 17, 2003
5/5 (2 votes)
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With the release of Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild for the PlayStation 2, watercraft racing is brought back. The sequel to Splashdown has more challenging obstacles than its predecessor, including more giant waves, faster currents, steeper downhill grades, and more complex indoor arenas. Cannonball Cove, Arctic Plunge, and Blackwater Castle are some new areas that have been added. Every race features new animated sequences, triggering events, alternate course options, and a revamped stunting system. There are around 75 different tricks that may be put together to create more variety in the trick. The game now has a total of 12 various technical time trials, in addition to a brand new freestyle mode, a countdown, training, and practice.

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