Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher Atari
Developer Melbourne House
Genre Shooter
Downloads 13,016
Size 110.27 M
Released February 25, 2004
3.6/5 (25 votes)
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With the press of a button, players take control of either Optimus Prime, Red Alert, or Hot Shot, each capable of transforming between their robot and vehicle modes. The game’s objective is to amass a collection of Mini-cons that can be used to customize the player’s Transformer. Except for the stat-enhancement options, such as an armor boost, these are things like weapons like a pistol, support items like glider wings, and stat-enhancement options like an armor boost. All of these things, except the armor boost, can be controlled using shoulder buttons. There is a cap on the number of Mini-cons that can be equipped, with more potent Mini-cons taking up a lot of room in the equipment slot. Your character’s power level will increase proportionately to the number of Mini-cons of the same color that they have equipped. The connection of mini-cons is another name for this process.

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