WWE Crush Hour

WWE Crush Hour
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher THQ
Developer Pacific Coast
Genre Fighting , Sports
Downloads 781
Released March 17, 2003
5/5 (1 vote)
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The WWE Crush Hour is not a wrestling game, despite what the title might lead one to believe. It forces the finest wrestlers in World Wrestling Entertainment to compete in a much larger ring filled with rocket fire and engine fumes rather than the traditional ring where they perform body slams. In this video game, the WWE team competes in firepower and spectacular acrobatics clashes while driving their own customized assault vehicles. Characters such as The Rock and the Hardy Boys are included. Each of them has a unique combination of particular assaults, weaponry, and maneuvers stored away in the engine compartment of their car. You need to to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the conflict to emerge victorious. There are a variety of game modes, the most basic of which is “defeat the enemy.” Other game modes include challenges in which the player character must either keep the championship belt for the most extended time possible without exploding or eliminate the most significant number of opponents in the allotted amount of time. Support for multiple players is incorporated as well.

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