Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Sony , Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer FromSoftware , Inc.
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Downloads 8,172
Size 29.13 GB
Released March 24, 2015
3.6/5 (188 votes)
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When it comes to one of the RPG games that are not only the best but also the hardest, there is a game that cannot be ignored. And that game is the Souls series of the most popular RPGs in recent times. The game has received a lot of love from players because of what it can bring to players, from difficulty in gameplay. So, have you ever wondered who created the series? That is Hidetaka Miyazaki, who made the success of many famous RPG games on the market. If the player was looking forward to experiencing a game similar to the Souls series and was created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, Bloodborne is the game itself. While many names are expected to become blockbusters, the opposite is true, for example, that is The Order: 1886. So this game is a game that is expected to become a name to become a global craze. This game is a game released exclusively on the PS4 platform and has become an indispensable game for those who own PS4.

Hidetaka Miyazaki created this game, so it’s no wonder that the game has inherited all the quintessence of the Souls series for you to feel. The game now has a very familiar playing style for those who have tried the games made by Hidetaka Miyazaki. The most outstanding thing about this game is the difficulty that the game brings to challenge players. It is not inferior compared to the elder when players will have to wander to fight monsters. There are no instructions for players to follow, and its difficulty is severe, but this is the attraction of the game.

Accompanying players in this game are two very unique weapons that are a sword capable of splitting into pieces and a gun. Thanks to this new style, the game has changed the passive style and sought opportunities to attack and actively attack the enemies. Players can use the player’s sword like a whip to attack enemies. Combined with a powerful gun, just skillful, the player can still overcome the powerful bosses.

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