God of War

God of War
Console Sony Playstation 4
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer SIE Santa Monica Studio
Genre Action , Adventure
Region World
Downloads 3,829
Released April 20, 2018
3.5/5 (103 votes)
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The gods are always the supreme being able to reign and bring life to humans. In many legends, gods are always the people with the critical task of protecting the safety of players so that everything can develop. In the world, there are many legends and different stories about relatives for players to learn. The myths of the gods are so famous that there are subjects studies of stories, and many people choose to learn. Not only are stories told and sought out, but the gods also become an inspiration for music, painting, and many other arts. And yet, the legends of the gods have also become the inspiration to games for players to experience. And when it comes to games involving gods, what is the first name you can think of? An indispensable name for God of War – an action game series that is extremely popular by players. Almost every game in this series has its success, and the latest game God of War in 2018 is no exception.

After finishing his entire journey in Greece, Kratos came to another land to start a new life. He left his past in Greece and went to a new land that is Northern Europe, where there are powerful gods no less than Greece. But he came here not to war but to find a peaceful area and to live here. He met the person he loved, and they gave birth to a son named Atreus together, but the happiness did not last long. Sometime later, Kratos’ wife died, and he had to start a new journey to fulfill his wife’s will. But on that journey, Kratos had to fight with many Norse gods to reach the end.

In many previous games, Kratos has a mighty weapon that is Blades Of Chaos itself to fight the enemies. But in this game to forget his past, he changed it to another weapon called Leviathan Ax. This ax is what his wife gave him to be able to fight powerful enemies.

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