Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden
Console Sony Playstation Vita
Publisher Atlus
Developer Atlus
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Downloads 6,250
Released November 20, 2012
3.4/5 (109 votes)
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The plot

Persona 4 Golden is a supernatural murder mystery set in rural Inaba. A city-transferred high school student discovers that murders plague the peaceful town. The “Midnight Channel,” a rainy-day TV show that reveals your soulmate, is linked to these events. You and your friends enter the TV and explore a parallel universe where Shadows represent your hidden thoughts and feelings. Your choices and relationships with other characters shape the story, resulting in multiple endings.

Graphics and Gameplay

Persona 4 Golden mixes RPGs, dungeon crawling, and social simulation. Exploring the TV world and fighting Shadows with a team of Personas—unique entities representing your psyche—is the gameplay. Battles require strategic use of Personas and enemy weaknesses. You attend school, do activities, and make Social Links when not fighting Shadows. Strengthening Social Links with Persona types can boost your character’s combat abilities. New anime cutscenes and improved textures and lighting make Persona 4 Golden look great.


Persona 4 Golden’s cast is diverse and likable. Characters’ personalities, backstories, and Personas change throughout the game. The protagonist gets to know these characters, learns their stories, and helps them face their Shadows. These relationships shape the narrative and combat. Characters distinguish the RPG.

Enhanced Edition: Persona 4 Golden adds story content, voiced dialogue, and better graphics.
RPG, dungeon crawling, and social simulation: A unique gameplay experience.
Strategic Combat: Turn-based combat requires exploiting enemy weaknesses and Persona management.
Multiple endings: Player choices and relationships shape the story.
Relationship Management: Building relationships with characters improves Personas and the storyline.
Detailed Graphics: New anime cutscenes, lighting effects, and graphics improve the game’s visuals.
Complex Characters: A diverse cast of well-rounded, memorable characters with unique Personas.
Immersive story: A supernatural murder mystery.
Additional story and dialogue enhance the gaming experience.
Persona Management: Fusing and managing Personas enhances combat strategy.

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