Fire Emblem Different Dimensions – The Ostian Princess

Fire Emblem Different Dimensions – The Ostian Princess
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Mig64
Genre RPG , Strategy
Region English
Year 2008
Downloads 235
5/5 (1 vote)
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In Fire Emblem Different Dimensions – The Ostian Princess, a fan-made hack of the popular Fire Emblem series, you’ll embark on an exciting adventure in the land of Elibe. This engaging game takes inspiration from the story of Lyn but provides an unusual twist by focusing on the life of Lilian, the daughter of Lilina from Fire Emblem VI.


The similarities between young Lilian and her mother go beyond physical appearance. She, like Lyn, is a Lorca, but her father, Monke, is not of the same stock as the rest of the tribe. Originally from the Djute tribe, Monke abandoned his family and friends to find solace among the Lorca. His hard work and insight earn him the position of chief of the Lorca tribe, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure.

While Fire Emblem Different Dimensions – The Ostian Princess takes its basic structure from Lyn’s tale, it tells an original story. As Lilian begins her journey, you can expect the story to take on many unexpected turns, challenges, and possibilities.


This mod adds a large cast of additional characters to the game; some are playable allies, while others are fearsome foes. Gather an eclectic group of heroes and prepare to battle with formidable foes in your journey to rescue Elibe.


This game features a gripping tale and new playable characters, and it also adds new weaponry that will give your conflicts a new dimension of strategy. Discover potent weapons and tools and innovative strategies for taking down your adversaries.


The story and characters of Fire Emblem: Different Dimensions – The Ostian Princess are expanded upon and fleshed out by several bonus sequences dotted across the game. These supplementary events deepen the game’s immersion and make the experience more rewarding. Get ready to enter a world of magic, conflict, and fate. What is next is an exciting chapter in Lilian’s life that you won’t want to miss. Get your nerve up because you’ll experience something extraordinary in Elibe.

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