Pokemon Coral

Pokemon Coral
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer coraldev
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 832
3.5/5 (19 votes)
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Pokemon fans, get ready to dive deep into a world of wonder and nostalgia with “Pokemon Coral.” The fantastic Coraldev translated the original Japanese “Pokemon Crystal” ROM hack for the Game Boy Color (GBC) into English. The long-awaited December 29, 2022, update to this intriguing game finally arrived.


“Pokemon Coral Version” rewinds the clock to the first two generations of Pokémon games to bring back the nostalgia. The novel builds around a simple yet intriguing idea, featuring engaging characters and stunning locales. But exercise caution; not all is as it seems. Some have allegedly exploited the Pokémon franchise for commercial gain. The Onwa Region is under a cloud of doom after hearing this news.


The Onwa Region is a mysterious world that differs greatly from the well-known Kanto and Johto landscapes. This incredible ROM hack, known as “Pokemon Coral Version,” is an attempt to recapture the excitement of playing “Pokemon Gold,” “Silver,” and “Crystal” for the first time. Travel the beautiful landscapes of Onwa and meet a wide variety of interesting people as you work to earn the eight badges required to compete in the Onwa Pokemon League.


  • Smooth 60fps gaming experience
  • Explore a brand-new region with its unique storyline
  • Face challenging in-game challenges
  • Discover numerous optional areas and events
  • Capture Pokémon from all seven generations with stunning custom artwork
  • Select from six starters from the first two Pokémon generations
  • Immerse yourself in an original soundtrack created exclusively for the game
  • Implementation of Physical/Special Split
  • Unleash the power of various Abilities
  • Introduction of the Fairy Type
  • Incorporate moves from later Pokémon generations
  • Rebalanced move pools in line with current generations
  • Enjoy customizable running shoes with a unique animation
  • Change your player sprite’s color at any time by visiting your room’s wardrobe
  • Pokémon no longer require HM moves for overworld use
  • Utilize a rideable Skateboard with unique mechanics and a jump feature
  • Anticipate many more forthcoming features!
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