Pokémon Version NEW Emeraude – Monde 31

Pokémon Version NEW Emeraude – Monde 31
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer 31RED
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2019
Downloads 93
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The game Pokémon Version Emerald has been modified in order to create Pokémon Version NEW Emerald – World 31. The NEW edition has reached the eleventh part with this installment. It is frequently referred to as the fourth part in a series that is part of an edition that is known as the “Multiverse.” These occurrences took place before those shown in Pokemon Version NEW Ruby/Sapphire – Multiverse and after those seen in Pokemon Version NEW Fire Red – Apocalypse Era and NEW Fire Red – Extreme Apocalypse Era.


It is time to go on an exciting journey in the area of Hoenn. To become the next Master of the Pokémon League, you will need to compete against a lot of trainers and catch a lot of Pokémon. Your journey will be full of excitement thanks to the coming together of three formidable teams to form the dreadful Team Rock-X, whose objective is to rule the world by reawakening and commanding the three Legendary Pokémon: GROUDON, KYOGRE, and RAYQUAZA. This will make your journey much more eventful. You hold the power to decide the future of the planet!


  • Capturable Pokémon:
    – Starters: Korillon, Ate, Riolu
    – Many Pokémon from different regions.
    – New evolutions and type changes for some.
    – New Pokémon.
    – Various catchable Legendaries.
    – All Pokémon in the game are obtainable.
  • Champions/Council 4/Master/Rivals:
    – Some new, improved, modified Pokémon.
    – All possessing 6 Pokémon.
    – Epic Trainers.
  • Many new items
  • New Pokémon attacks
  •  New “missions”: Police, Battle Court…
  • Modified maps

And much more!

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