Pokémon Fire Black

Pokémon Fire Black
Console Gameboy Advance
Lable FireRed
Developer NesLeo
Genre Adventure , RPG
Region French
Year 2021
Downloads 292
File size 5M
4.3/5 (3 votes)
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In this hacked game version, Kanto is ruled by Team Rocket. The fate of hope lies on the shoulders of Professor Oak, who is covertly a member of a rebel group known as the Dracologist. Those and the Arena masters keep their fingers crossed that a new trainer will emerge and save Kanto. The purpose of this rom is to provide an alternate version of Pokémon FireRed, which will be directed toward everyone who is interested in rediscovering the original game and will allow them to take pleasure in the following features:

– Improved graphics
– Improved difficulty
– An alternative scenario
– Improved Pokémon localisations
– A lot of modifications to the Pokémon including new types, attacks learned and more.
– A lot of surprises

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