Pokemon Grass Jewel

Pokemon Grass Jewel
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer LatiosAzurill
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region World
Downloads 934
3.9/5 (9 votes)
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In the vast realm of Pokemon gaming, a generally captivating journey awaits all trainers, both new and seasoned, with the emergence of “Pokemon Grass Jewel.” This remarkable creation is mostly a GBA ROM Hack crafted by the ingenious LatiosAzurill, taking its roots from the beloved Pokemon Emerald in the English language. The thrilling news for avid Pokemon enthusiasts is that it’s now available for download, with its latest update having graced us on September 7, 2020.


“Pokemon Grass Jewel” beckons you to the enchanting Hoenn region, where you’ll experience a Pokemon adventure like never before. As you enter the world, you’ll be warmly welcomed by Professor Maple, the esteemed Pokemon Professor of Littleroot Town. Professor Maple’s dedication to the world of Pokemon is nothing short of extraordinary, and he’s assisted by the brilliant offspring of his colleague, Professor Pine – Brendan or May. Moreover, this assistant will swiftly become your trusted companion and a generally formidable rival in your quest.


As your journey commences, an extraordinary encounter unfolds, which is fairly significant. Professor Maple, our guiding light in this Pokemon realm, kind of is in a frantic chase, pursued by a wild Zigzagoon. It kind of is at this moment that you are called upon to exhibit your skills and aid in defeating this wild menace, generally contrary to popular belief. In recognition of your courage, the professor rewards you with the Pokemon you valiantly used in battle in a major way.


Your adventures in the “Pokemon Grass Jewel” world extend far beyond the initial encounter. Professor Maple entrusts you with the noble task of aiding him in completing the illustrious Pokedex, a monumental journey filled with countless discoveries and encounters. Along the way, you’ll also face a formidable challenge in the form of Team Dream, a group of extremists hell-bent on causing chaos and mayhem in the Hoenn region. Will you rise to the occasion and thwart their nefarious plans?


  • Enhanced Repel Mechanism: Inquires about Reusing Repel and Type Preference
  • Fresh Storyline Additions
  • Introduction of Novel Characters
  • Guest Appearances from TV and Film Characters
  • Expanded Post-Game Plotline
  • Fresh Inclusions on the Map
  • Inclusion of Pokemon from Generations 4-7
  • Implementation of Physical/Special Attack Separation
  • Incorporation of the Fairy Type
  • Unique Color Schemes for Various Shiny Pokemon
  • Elevated Shiny Encounter Odds
  • Amplified Experience Rewards from Felled Pokemon
  • A Distinctive Trio of Starter Pokemon
  • Altered or Newly Assigned Secondary Types to Specific Pokemon
  • Revised Move Sets for Multiple Pokemon
  • Strengthened Base Stats for the Majority of Pokemon
  • Empowered Move Strength for Numerous Attacks
  • Enlarged TM Compatibility for Most Pokemon
  • TM Adjustments to Enhance Utility
  • Modifications to Pokemon Evolution Methods
  • Addition of Ice Stone, Shiny Stone, Dawn Stone, and Dubious Disc
  • Reusable TMs for Convenience
  • Updated Repel Mechanism: Prompting Repel Reuse and Type Selection
  • Introduction of Valuable Held Items
  • Lower Prices for Mart Items
  • Expanded Inventory of Mart Merchandise
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