Pokémon Version NEW Rouge Feu : L’Ère de l’Apocalypse S1

Pokémon Version NEW Rouge Feu : L’Ère de l’Apocalypse S1
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer 31RED
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2021
Downloads 290
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A hacked version of Pokémon Version Fire Red, known as Pokémon Version NEW Fire Red – Age of Apocalypse S1, may be found here. The NEW series has reached the twelfth installment with this book. This is a “special” edition of the game NEW Fire Red – Apocalypse Era, which was previously released. Due to the fact that the game’s plot is intrinsically linked to the NEW Ruby/Sapphire, it is thus regarded as the third installment in a sub-edition that is referred to as the “multiverse.” Not only does it exist in the Multiverse and NEW Red Fire – Apocalypse Era versions, but it is also counted as the fifth installment because of when it was published.

In the region known as Kanto, fighting has begun. There are a number of threats now, including DARKNESS, DESTINY, Team Rocket, and others. In this horrifying environment, it is possible to become a victim! Many people are attempting to live, but CHAOS rules! Others invade the region in order to rescue it, while others come to destroy it.
You have been transported to this “dream” world to start your journey as a young trainer who began their journey in the Bourg Palette. Your goal is to become the next Pokémon Master, but the road there will be long and difficult. You are the one who needs to compose the narrative!

  • The events of Pokémon Version NEW Emerald – World 31 and Pokémon Version NEW Ruby/Sapphire – Multiverse come after the ones described here.
  • The narrative calls for a great deal of reflection.
  • Since Pokémon ATLAS is not required to complete the Pokédex, the game may be considered “completed” even without it; nevertheless, in order to get a 100% completion rate, you will need to play through The Apocalypse Era.
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