Pokémon Dark Rising II

Pokémon Dark Rising II
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer DarkRisingGirl
Genre Role-Playing
Region English
Downloads 7,461
Released January 1, 1970
4.1/5 (83 votes)
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Pokémon Dark Rising II is a captivating story of bravery, friendship, and justice. As the protagonist, you are thrust into a lawless world where alliances will be made, civilizations will be decided, and you will be tested.


After a nightmare in which a terrible power returns, the brave player begins the adventure in Core’s beautiful environment. A Pokémon cries out in your subconscious to stop this dreadful awakening and global destruction. Your best friend got this unusual vision, indicating a multi-world journey.


As you explore new areas, you’ll encounter Darugis, a strange enemy who can influence Pokémon and humans. Along the way, you meet allies and opponents with different stories of sorrow, determination, and tenacity. Sydney, a powerful young woman, witnesses Darugis’ devastation, while Dray, a determined Pokémon trainer, proudly continues his father’s tradition by valiantly combating the darkness threatening their world.


You discover that you can form extraordinary bonds with Legendary Pokémon throughout the chaos. You begin questioning your new skills, your best friend’s strange abilities, and the three Chosen Ones’ true relationship. You and your loyal Team Dark Rising members learn more about the Omni Region’s enigmatic happenings with each new piece of information.


Mystery and difficulty multiply in the unknown. You want to save your dad and beat Darugis, but danger is lurking. What obstacles will Team Dark Rising confront in the Omni Region? What’s scarier than Darugis ready to wreck the world?


  • Day and Night Cycle System
  • Split between Physical and Special Moves
  • Pokemon from All Six Generations (1st to 6th)
  • Introduction of New Moves, including Grass Knot, Stone Edge, Earth Power, Scald, Flare Blitz, and more
  • Unveiling Hidden Abilities, such as Drought Vulpix, Drizzle Politoed, Speed Boost Torchic, and more
  • Comprehensive Move Changes for All Pokemon in the hack, with emphasis on egg moves and move tutor attacks via level-up
  • A Total of 12 Gym Leaders
  • Adjusted Attack Power, e.g., Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Surf now have a Base Power of 90 instead of 95
  • Original Custom Music for the hack
  • Availability of Grass/Water/Fire Starters from Generations 1 to 5 in specific areas with low encounter rates
  • The Option to Choose Dragonite, Salamence, or Garchomp as your Dragon Starter in Dark Rising 2
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