Pokémon Lightning Yellow

Pokémon Lightning Yellow
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Desbrina
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2008
Downloads 246
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Professor Oak will lead you on a fascinating Pokemon adventure. This quest has several challenges, from catching elusive Pikachu to increasing your Pokedex. Explore the special powers and evolutions of all 151 Pokemon, including mega stone use. Enter this fascinating Pokemon world and become a master trainer with its captivating story and strategic gameplay.


Professor Oak, who maintains a lab there, leads the area. The tale twists as you train and fight new Pokemon. Similar to Pokemon Greninja-Z, the professor gives you a Pokemon to catch Pikachu in start to test your skills. New trainers should catch some great Pokemon. However, these assignments are challenging, so you must first collect Pikachu. These objectives make you proud if you finish on time, but catching Pikachu this time is difficult. Again, your skills matter. Previous Pokemon Yellow players should be able to do it.


All 151 Pokemon from all generations are in the game, each with their own powers. Mega stones let you change some Pokemon’s spirit. You can finish the Pokedex if you like. Each of the 151 Pokemon has a post- and pre-generational evolution. The game’s more advanced Gen 6 Pokemon can be used for more difficult assignments. As in Pokemon Dark Diamond ROM, capture the smarter Pokemon in various areas and add them to your list. New Pokemon can be added to Pokedex. All can be substantially changed using old class strategies and mega stones.


Battle and conflict impacts have changed in the game’s battle system. Some battles feature legendary Pokemon. You can capture them for battle. After capturing them, train them for battle. The battleground has new graphics, upgraded to offer more colors and beauty. New Pokemon Fire Red hacks and versions improve attack effects and motions.



  • Pikachu and Eevee (Rival) are the Initial Pokémon.
  • Improved visuals.
  • Opportunity to acquire the 151 original Pokémon and their future-generation evolutions.
  • Encounters shift after defeating the Fantastic Four.
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