Pokemon Sun Ruby

Pokemon Sun Ruby
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Lukagba
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2016
Downloads 1,019
3.2/5 (12 votes)
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The narrative of Pokémon Sun Ruby is identical to that of the original Pokémon Ruby. You are a Pokémon Trainer that has only recently relocated to the Littleroot neighborhood of Hoenn City. After arranging your belongings in your room, you head outside to talk to Professor Birch, who is your next-door neighbor. He is currently being assaulted by a wild Pokémon in the midst of it. After using one of the Pokemon that Professor Birch gave you to fight this wild Pokemon, you and Professor Birch will head back to his laboratory. You will capture your very first Pokémon here, as well as face off against Professor Birch’s daughter, your adversary. You will assist one another during the course of numerous fights, characters, and events on your journey to become a true Pokémon master. You must not only vanquish the Elite 4, but you must also put an end to the crazed desire of Team Magma. Team Magma is a malicious organization that is attempting to reawaken Groudon, the ancient deity of the earth.


– The starters are: Flamiaou, Brindibou and Otaquin.
– 14 alola shapes added.
– Approximately 36 catchable Generation Seven Pokémon.
– Groudon traded for Solgaleo.
– Sales of evolution stones in Mauville.
– Pokémon that evolve by trade evolve by stone or by level.
– Evolie evolves towards Noctali and Mentali by the Moon and Sun stones.
– Pokémon that evolves by happiness, evolves by lv (usually lv20).
– Elekable and Maganon (evolution lv 50).
– And other..

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