Pokemon Altair and Sirius

Pokemon Altair and Sirius
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Pokemon Vega Team
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 974
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The Hoenn region was confronted with an unanticipated catastrophe that would reshape its future after Champion Brendan’s successful reign and untimely retirement. Hoenn was devastated by an unstoppable meteor shower three years ago, an event that has become known as the Hoenn Catastrophe. A new chapter has been carved into the thriving world of Pokemon thanks to this precipitous onslaught, which spared no detail.


The Hoenn Catastrophe changed not just the physical landscape but also the entire region’s character. The southern expanses of Hoenn were turned into a bleak wasteland, and even the famed Battle Frontier was not spared from its relentless march. Many species were nearly wiped out when the once-thriving ecosystem became chaotic.


However, an event of cosmic proportions erupted from the chaos and destruction. Trainers and researchers alike were filled with excitement and dread when mysterious and powerful monsters known as “Meteoric Pokemon” started to surface across the region. A new and interesting element has been introduced to the Pokemon world by discovering these beings, each with its skills and personality quirks.


To embark on a cosmic journey unlike any other, Pokemon Altair and Sirius invite you. Journey through Hoenn’s altered landscapes, hunt down the rare Meteoric Pokemon, and take on the ultimate challenge of the Three Cosmic Titans. The Hoenn Catastrophe holds secrets, and only you can unlock them and add your chapter to this epic story of courage and fate.


  • Fresh Tohoak Region Unveiled!
  • 181 Novel Pokemon, 56 from Later Generations!
  • 70 Fresh Moves, 87 from Modern Generations!
  • Outstanding Original Music!
  • Exciting OST Available for Download: [link]
  • Epic Trainer Rematches Await!
  • Vast Postgame Adventures and Battle Facility!
  • An Abundance of Features!
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