Pokémon HarvestCraft

Pokémon HarvestCraft
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer RuFF09
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2014
Downloads 463
5/5 (1 vote)
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Desséliande is the ruler of all Pokémon in many woods. They live happily together. One day, many people came to cut down a large number of trees. Desséliande asked the harvest goddess for help but was quickly disappointed, as this goddess quickly fell in love with one of the butchers, Eric. When they later marry, Desséliande realized he could obtain the power of the Goddess. After asking Kappa, the brother of the goddess, Desséliande managed to trap people inside the city and even tried to kill the baby of the goddess. He failed. He was told that someone would stop him, for sure.

A year has passed since this accident. In the morning, Desséliande pursued the family of the harvest goddess. Eric and the baby escaped, but the Harvest Goddess wasn’t so lucky. Right now, you’re 21 and trapped inside the city (of course Desséliande caused it). Can you free the townspeople from this accident?

Game Features

– The weather system affects your game.
– The time and day depend on your playing time.
– Seasons change every 30 days. This can affect items and wild Pokémon in the woods.
– You can be a real farmer with many kinds of fruits.
– A new system for bays.
– No Arena and Elite 4. Instead, you will fight with shop owners for badges and Desséliande will be the champion.
– Some new Pokemon from Gen IV to VI.
– Cooking and crafting are also an interesting part of this game.
– A love system for the first time in Pokemon games! You can even propose to NPCs when you have enough points.
– And other…

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