Pokemon Majora Crystal

Pokemon Majora Crystal
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer notnat
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region World
Downloads 687
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The thrilling world of Pokémon is full of examples of creative inventiveness. As the latest fad enthralling trainers everywhere, the fantastic video game “Pokemon Majora Crystal” is making waves all over the globe. This novel concept takes the beloved Pokémon Crystal and adds a compelling challenge and stringent time constraint in the style of the pioneering Nintendo 64 classic, Majora’s Mask. Are you prepared to experience the excitement of a lifetime?


Despite its status as a conceptual experiment, “Pokemon Majora Crystal” has more depth than meets the eye. A new element of excitement is added to the tried-and-true Pokémon Crystal formula, making for a thrilling and strategic experience for players. The nuance of significance? This week is your last chance to win the Pokémon Championship.


This game’s uniqueness lies in the high stakes it presents. The action in “Pokemon Majora Crystal” moves much faster than in a typical Pokémon game. Like in Majora’s Mask, you must manage your time well, make sound judgments, and plot a course to victory. Your trip will be more like a mad dash than a stroll.


But that’s not all. The creators of “Pokemon Majora Crystal” have even greater aspirations. So that players can experience their unique time-based challenge in hitherto unexplored locations, they intend to take this revolutionary notion beyond Johto. Thanks to this update, trainers from all walks of life can participate in the thrilling journey and enjoy a fresh twist on the original Pokémon game.


  • Unique Challenge Mod
  • Expansive Johto Adventure
  • Badge-Free HM Usage
  • Complete Pokemon Collection
  • Physical and Special Move Separation
  • Introduction of the Fairy Element
  • Ice Overpowers Water-Type Pokemon
  • Dynamic Wild Pokemon Levels
  • 60x Accelerated In-Game Time
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