Pokemon Sigma Emerald

Pokemon Sigma Emerald
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer DraconianWing
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 975
3.8/5 (9 votes)
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If you enjoyed the original Pokemon games and want a throwback experience, go no further than “Pokemon Sigma Emerald.” This unique concept, first brought to life by the amazing Tlachtli, rekindles the enchantment of the third generation of Pokemon games while adding a modern twist.


“Pokemon Sigma Emerald” is a hack of the classic Pokemon Emerald that stays true to the original tale while adding new features to the gameplay. It’s like taking a step back to experience the charm of the past with a modern touch. The game retains the charm of its third-generation predecessor while adding a dash of fresh fun.


The development of the project itself is fascinating. Midway through 2014, it went dormant; by 2015, a new, enthusiastic caretaker had brought it back to life. The baton was handed over, and growth continued on top of Tlachtli’s earlier work. This game reflects the Pokemon fandom’s undying devotion to the series’ original adventures.


You can read the first post in the thread where this hack was discussed to get a good feel for what it’s all about. “Pokemon Sigma Emerald” is a dedicated continuation of the project, following up where Tlachtli’s Alpha 3 left off. The game’s developers claim it would provide a “fully immersive experience” by preserving what makes third-generation games great while adding new dimensions.


  • Animated DS-style sprites
  • Physical/Special split implemented with stat screen icons
  • Color-coded stats based on nature
  • All 386 Gen 1-3 Pokemon available in-game
  • Start with the National Pokedex
  • Modernized trainer battle dialogue
  • Reusable TMs
  • Running Shoes usable indoors
  • Gen 6 critical hit mechanics and multiplier
  • Poison status heals at 1HP with a “survived” message
  • Gen 4+ abilities assigned to their respective Pokemon
  • Hidden abilities are secondary for some Pokemon
  • Introduction of the Fairy-type
  • Trade evolutions through Trade Sim or evolution stones
  • EV limit reduced to 252 per stat to match Gen 4 onwards
  • Moves categorized into Physical/Special/Status
  • Moves updated with Gen 6 power and accuracy
  • New moves from Gen 4+ added
  • All Pokemon with ORAS-based level-up learners
  • And Much More! (Check here for a comprehensive list of changes)
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