Pokemon Shining Opal

Pokemon Shining Opal
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Nintendo
Genre Other
Region English
Downloads 389
4.1/5 (66 votes)
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Those willing to think large when exploring the Pokémon world will have an experience they will never forget. Here we have Pokemon Shining Opal, an incomplete fan-made project that shines brilliantly despite its incompleteness. This game’s intriguing design is based on the developer’s final beta prototype, which has piqued the interest of Pokémon fans all around the world. Come with us as we explore this one-of-a-kind gaming experience replete with excitement, complexity, and surprising twists and turns.


The journey begins with a tribute to the creative whose dream inspired this journey. Their perspectives and ideas set the path for the ideal Pokémon adventure. The community united to support the artist’s concept and breathed fresh life into it via collaboration and dedication.


As we venture out into Pokémon Shining Opal’s environment, there is one significant difference to bear in mind: the Day/Night cycle. Despite the developer’s best intentions, this feature had to be scrapped since it was causing too many crashes. Despite the alteration, the game’s ethos and fundamental mechanics remain unchanged.


You take on the role of a young person named Shining Opal, who resides in the vibrant city of Goldenrod in the video game Pokémon: Shining Opal. On your tenth birthday, you can join the Pokémon Trainer Academy and fulfill your dream. Your fantastic journey will begin at Lake Zigger, where Professor G. Oak, a newbie to the Pokémon world, has set up shop.


Your lateness, a lost passenger, and a package at the Pokémon Mart all contribute to an initial holdup in your arrival at Professor Oak’s lab. The journey to the laboratory takes an unexpected turn. Since another kid stepped up early and snatched Charmander and Cyndaquil, you can only choose Torchic. Your Torchic will morph into a Pokémon you’ve never seen before after a hard battle, all because of a weird flash.


  • Rinto, the fresh locale
  • Mikachu, a unique character
  • Novel competitors emerge
  • Fresh gym tests to conquer
  • Engaging narrative with interactions
  • Abundant advanced features
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