Pokémon Version NEW Rouge Feu: L’Ère de l’Apocalypse

Pokémon Version NEW Rouge Feu: L’Ère de l’Apocalypse
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer 31RED
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2018
Downloads 244
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A modified version of Pokemon Version FireRed, titled Pokemon Version NEW FireRed – Age of Apocalypse, may be found online. The NEW series has reached its sixth installment with this book. Because the narrative has a clear connection to the NEW Ruby and Sapphire versions that are included in the Multiverse editions, it is sometimes regarded as the second opus of a sub-edition that is referred to as the “multiverse.”


In the region known as Kanto, fighting has begun. There are a number of threats that show up, including Darkness, Destiny, Team Rocket, and others. In this horrifying environment, it is possible to become a victim! Many people are attempting to stay alive. CHAOS prevails! Others invade the territory in order to rescue it, while others invade it in order to destroy it. The journey of a young trainer to become the new Pokémon Master started in Bourg Palette; nevertheless, the road ahead would be long and difficult… You are the one who needs to compose the narrative!


  • Captureable Pokémon:
    – Starters: Korillon, Riolu, Até
    – Many Pokemon from different regions.
    – New evolutions and type changes for some.
    – New Pokemon.
    – Different Capturable Legendaries.
    – All Pokémon in the game are obtainable.
  • Champions/Council 4/Master/Rivax…:
    – Improved, and modified Pokémon for some.
    – All possessing 6 Pokemon.
    – Epic trainers.
  • Many new items (The 3 Orbs are obtainable through both games)
  • New Pokémon attacks
  • Modified maps

And many other novelties!

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