Pokémon Fire Red Mega

Pokémon Fire Red Mega
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Versekr Dark
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Downloads 13,076
Released January 1, 1970
3.9/5 (585 votes)
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This hack from the same creator of Super Fire Red follows the same story as Pokémon Fire Red, with new features:

– Mega Evolutions for Generation I-III Pokemon.
– Improved graphics.
– More 2vs2 fights.
– And other..

Status: Not complete l Version: Beta 1.01

If your game freezes on a white screen on startup or unable to save from within the game, go to ‘Options>Emulator>Save Type’ and select Flash 128K instead of Flash 64K.

Backup Recovery:
From the old version: Press CTRL+S to create the backup in a folder. (this is not already done)
From the new version: Press CTRL+L to load the previously created backup.

Problems with download or installation?