Pokémon Shining Victory

Pokémon Shining Victory
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Deepak
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region World
Downloads 3,959
Released March 29, 2019
3.6/5 (171 votes)
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The fan-made Pokémon game Pokémon Shining Victory offers a fresh take on the Pokémon world. Battles are brought to life by vibrant environments and detailed sprites. Over 800 catchable Pokémon from generations 1-7, including new regional and Pikachu forms, provide endless variety and replayability. Shining Victory’s battle system is accessible but deep thanks to Mega Evolution, Z-moves, and infinite TM use. The original storyline about a lost-memory Ash imagining an intense new adventure in the Heron region with classic and new characters adds immersion. Pokémon Shining Victory is one of the most complete and appealing Pokémon fan games, combining nostalgic lore with innovative new features and graphics.

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