Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Destinedjagold
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region English
Downloads 2,340
Released January 1, 1970
3.6/5 (13 votes)
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In the magical world of Pokemon, an exciting journey awaits in the game known as “Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians.” Players of this fascinating game will find themselves in an alternate universe where their hopes of becoming a Guardian Trainer are realized. This essay delves into the fascinating plot and difficult gameplay of this captivating game.


A young, determined girl with dreams of becoming a Guardian Trainer sets the tone for our adventure. Although she has no idea how to realize her lofty goal, her resolve is unwavering. She becomes fixated on realizing her dream of becoming a Guardian Trainer.


She finally gives in to her desires and sets out to make a Pokemon companion and research the Guardian Trainers. Kevin, a buddy from her youth, steps in and talks her out of running away. They had no idea that fate had something else in store for them. As they go, they encounter a shaman urgently trying to get away from two sinister individuals from the Dark Organization who are after her beloved Pokemon.


Our young protagonist enlists the aid of her two pals to deal with this unforeseen problem. They pick a Pokemon to represent them and charge headfirst into the thugs of the Dark Organization. They show great bravery and collaboration to drive off the invaders, who are forced to retreat. The shaman gives them the Pokemon they fought with as a token of her appreciation.


Our heroine is now prepared to begin her adventure to become a Guardian Trainer with the help of a faithful Pokemon partner. However, her path is obscured by odd dreams and the regional upheaval caused by the rise of the Dark Organization. Will she succeed, or will fate derail her plans? The trials promise excitement, adventure, and a test of her determination.


  • Gento, a fresh region, comprises four primary islands.
  • Generation 4 Pokémon are featured.
  • A new narrative, adversaries, and a series of incidents are introduced.
  • Fresh graphical elements are included.
  • Every legendary Pokémon can be acquired.
  • Baby Lugia and Shadow Lugia are part of the mix.
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