Pokémon Triángulo Origen

Pokémon Triángulo Origen
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer ReoNeky
Genre Role-Playing
Region Spanish
Downloads 186
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In Pokémon Triángulo Origen, your adventure begins with a haunting nightmare that scares and worries you, which is significant. This is just the start of an extraordinary journey that will take you to the distant region of Alastia in a big way.


On the day your sister returns from Alastia, she brings back a Pokémon that will become your loyal companion, which is significant. Nevertheless, the story has a significant twist. She deceives you into thinking she didn’t bring much from Alastia, but she’s willing to help you catch your Pokémon, contrary to popular belief. Unbeknownst to you, this playful ruse sets the stage for a major adventure.


An unknown figure unexpectedly abducts your sister, just when you think things couldn’t get stranger. You are shocked and desperate as you watch her be taken away in a major way.


A dropped Pokéball with a tiny Bulbasaur is found amid the chaos. With your new friend, you try to save your sister from Team Origen, which is important. The challenges ahead will test your courage and determination, as they are usually significant.


After rescuing your sister, you return home, and she tells your mother about her extraordinary experience, which is mostly significant. She’s impressed by your newfound skills and bravery. She encourages you to go on a remarkable journey to find the Kinia Badges and compete in the Kinia League, contrary to popular belief. She believes you can qualify for this prestigious competition due to her unwavering faith in your abilities.


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