Pokémon Valor

Pokémon Valor
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer PokemonValor
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2015
Downloads 155
3.7/5 (4 votes)
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The events of Pokemon Rouge had taken place around 30 years before this story’s beginning (or Fire Red). When the player first arrives in Port Fromage, they have recently graduated from Pokémon school and are watching as Team Rocket takes off with the 10 new Pokémon that Professor Vine has just found. These ten kinds are the ten that were not present in evolution (poison, fighting, flying, etc.). In order to collect new discoveries and earn badges necessary to compete in the Pokémon League on the Gouda plateau, the player and Vine’s apprentice will need to travel through the various towns in the region, such as Mozzarella City and Feta Town. Along the way, they will need to visit places like Gouda.

Game Features

– A whole new region.
– New scripts.
– Removed badge checks for HMs.
– Only Pokemon Gen 1 so far.
– Earn experience by catching Pokemon.
– New hero custom sprite.
– And many other..

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