Pokémon Version NEW Rubis – Multiverse

Pokémon Version NEW Rubis – Multiverse
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer 31RED
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2017
Downloads 195
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This version of Pokemon Platinum has had its ROM hacked to become Pokemon Bloody Platinum, which adds a few new and fascinating gameplay elements. The plot remains the same, but with some minor adjustments made to the characters, but there are also significant variations in other parts.

The game Pokémon Version Ruby was the basis for the hack known as Pokémon Version NEW Ruby – Multiverse. The sixth opus that is included in the NEW version is shown here. Due to the fact that DARKNESS and DESTINY make their debuts in this volume, many people believe it to be the first part of a sub-edition that is referred to as the “multiverse.”

Summary: According to several urban legends, after a horrible war that occurred in another age, in another reality, two incredibly powerful and deadly Pokémon sought sanctuary in the Hoenn area after fleeing the conflict. A researcher by the name of “Raph” made the decision to spend his entire life trying to bring DARKNESS back to life. After almost 50 years had passed, the journey of a youthful trainer to become the new Pokémon Master got underway. Fight against a large number of Arena Champions, a squad searching for the awakening of GROUDON, and so forth. You are the one who will shape the course of history!


Captureable Pokémon:

  • Starters: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander
  • Many Pokémon from different regions (as well as Mega-Evolutions considered as evolutions). All possible Mega-Evolutions will be seen through the game.
  • New evolutions and type changes for some.
  • New Pokemon.
  • All Pokémon in the game are obtainable (by completing with the Sapphire – Multiverse version)

Champions/Council 4/Master/Rivals:

  • Improved, and modified Pokémon for some.
  • All possessing 6 Pokemon.

New items: “Primo Gem”, “Draco Gem”, “Spirit Gem” and 10 “Mega Gem”.

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