Among Us

Among Us
Console NES
Developer Supergamerguy
Genre Action
Region English
Year 2020
Downloads 812
5/5 (1 vote)
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You can confidently state that your chances of gaining Imposter from this hack are one hundred percent! This hacked version of Mrs. Pac-Man for the NES requires you to escape getting dismissed from the game by dodging the crewmates at various spots throughout The Skeld. If you are successful, you will advance to the next level. Inside the spacecraft, this hack takes place in a broad variety of locations, such as the Cafeteria, the Reactor, the Electrical, the Security, the Medbay, the Weapons, the Navigation, the Upper Engine, and lastly, the Cafeteria once again! Along the way, you will come across a variety of headwear and pets that you can pick up and purchase for more points. Don’t forget to use the vents that are located on the edges of the map, and be sure to gather all of the Kill Buttons so that the Crewmates may be turned into defenseless dead bodies (complete with cartoonish bone sticking out of the center).

You not only have the opportunity to play as the Imposter, but you can also recruit a buddy to join you in the game and form an unbeatable and diabolical team of Two Imposters as the two of you play at the same time to foil the Crewmate’s missions! Participate in this cheat for a few rounds to get an idea of the perils and opportunities that the universe has to offer…

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