Resident Evil

Resident Evil
Console NES
Developer Waixing
Genre Horror , Survival
Region Chinese , English
Year 2003
Downloads 992
5/5 (2 votes)
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Waixing’s Bio Hazard, also known as “Resident Evil” in Chinese, is a Famicom pirate game that was created in 2003 and is based on the PlayStation version of Resident Evil. Although only Jill may be controlled by the player and the game is played in Chinese, the narrative is faithful to the screenplays of the original games.

The attention to detail in this game is quite remarkable. The introduction of Resident Evil 1, which was initially a video but was converted to sprites, can be found at the beginning of the game. On the main menu, you have the option to either begin a new game or load a previously saved game from one of the four different storage locations.

The noises of the game can get irritating, as is the case with the majority of Waixing titles, and it does not include any music from the Resident Evil series. Simply clicking the Start button grants access to the menu, which operates fully normally. Once you have obtained the map, a button labeled “map” will become accessible on the main menu.

You must first obtain the ink ribbon and then proceed to the typewriter in order to successfully save the game. It appears that both the combat system and the sprites were taken from the Resident Evil Gaiden video game on the Game Boy Color.

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