Final Fantasy IX: Alternate Fantasy

Final Fantasy IX: Alternate Fantasy
Console Playstation
Developer Tirlititi
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2014
Downloads 1,046
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The modification is known as Final Fantasy IX: Alternate Fantasy was created with the purpose of breathing new life into the Final Fantasy IX video game. For those who have already completed the game at least once, this update focuses on refreshing the gameplay experience.

The challenge also becomes harder. The game grows more difficult to finish and ends well without actually being punished. The abilities of the characters as well as the battles against the foes have been altered, and among other things, status changes have been given a greater priority. A few of the minigames and side missions have had some minor adjustments made to them. In order to make progress, you will need a solid understanding of the fundamental game structure as well as the ability to adjust to the alterations brought about by the mod.

It is now possible to gain this sword in two distinct methods, which is a noteworthy example of a side quest that has been updated. The legendary quest to obtain Excalibur II is an excellent illustration of this.

– Either by completing the fight against the superboss Pluto in under a day and a half.

– Either by opening all 404 chests and securing all 404 valuables that are hidden throughout the game, which will get you the S rank and the ultimate rank of Treasure Hunter.

The mod maintains an unwavering faithfulness to the original script in terms of its writing, but it also adds a number of secret dialogues and scenes (including those added by the “Hidden Dialogs” patch), all of which are inaccessible in the standard version of the game.

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