Silent Hill (PAL Uncensored)

Harry Mason, a very typical person, and his daughter are now in the process of traveling to the town of Silent Hill. As they get closer to the town, they see a police officer riding by on a motorbike. When Harry comes closer to the town, he discovers the identical motorbike lying in the middle of the road in a disorganized manner. Harry also sees a lady standing in the road, but because of the thick fog, he is unable to stop in time to prevent hitting her. Instead, he swerves to miss hitting her and crashes into a railing, which renders him unconscious.

Cheryl, Harry’s daughter, is nowhere to be seen when Harry comes to. Harry has a premonition that she would go to the town in need of assistance, so he embarks on a quest without having any idea what to anticipate from this spooky town that is wrapped in mist.

You take on the role of Harry Mason, a regular guy who has no special abilities and no special training of any type. You have to seek all across the town of Silent Hill for your daughter, who has gone missing there. You will meet a lot of individuals, some of them will be nice while others will not. You are required to travel to a wide variety of locations, such as the church and the school.

Will Harry be able to locate his daughter and leave this town without incident, or does this place have more to offer than just a basic fog layer?

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