Mario Party 4

Mario Party 4
Console Nintendo GameCube (Download Emulator)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Strategy
Region United States
Downloads 12,667
Size 1.2G
Released October 21, 2002
3.7/5 (15 votes)
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Mario is a name that is no stranger to the majority of players around the world when there have been many titles released for players to experience. A common point of the Mario game series is that they all have the same playing style and familiar story for you to explore. Although the story has not changed, that does not mean that the game has been less attractive. But it is also inevitable that some people will get bored with the things that have been experienced many times. So there has been a game series that is different from what players need to see for you to experience. The series is “Mario Party” – this game was inspired by the billionaire flag to launch this game series. The game has received a lot of love from players and became a top-rated game series. Notably, the third part produced for distribution on the GameCube platform with the name “Mario Party 4” has been chosen by many people to play. This game has a lot of unique features compared to the common names that players have ever experienced before. So it has attracted millions of players to the game to experience what the game has.

This game is a simulation from the famous game of billionaire chess for players to experience. The first thing a player needs to do is put his character in the starting square to start the game. Then, the player just needs to roll a dice to decide the move order. Players who get the highest score from one to six will be entitled to move first. Next, the player will continue to roll the dice to keep moving the moves equal to the corresponding score. When the player rolls a point or six points, the game will be allowed to roll again.

Once the player has reached the finish line, the player who has the most stars will be the winner. To get the stars, players need to win minigames to get money and use that money to buy stars. In the game, there are up to five different chess boards, and each chessboard has a different number of minigames. Players will experience a lot of exciting things that the game has through minigames.

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