Super Monkey Ball 2

Super Monkey Ball 2
Console Nintendo GameCube (Download Emulator)
Publisher Sega
Developer Amusement Vision , Ltd.
Genre Action , Puzzle , Strategy
Region United States
Downloads 4,782
Size 911M
Released August 24, 2002
5/5 (4 votes)
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When it comes to games related to monkeys, many players will think of the name Donkey Kong – a monkey of Nintendo. But many other monkeys are equally famous compared to Donkey Kong for players to experience. These are the monkeys in the Super Monkey Ball game produced by Sega. When talking about Sega, most people only know Sonic Hedgehog, but that is not the only soul of the game maker to serve players. The first game of this series was first released on the console in 2001 and was available on the GameCube platform for players to experience. The first part of the game received a lot of positive feedback from the players, so the second part of the game was released to continue that success. The second part was released the following year in 2002 and was also released on the GameCube platform. The second part of the game is called Super Monkey Ball 2 and is also the game that we will talk about today. The second part of the game quickly surpassed the first part of the game to become one of the greatest games of the GameCube.

In this game, the player will have the task of controlling a monkey so that it can go to the destination and complete the stages. But if only possible, the game has nothing special to attract players, the monkey will not be in normal condition but stuck in a ball. When the monkey runs, the ball will roll and drag the monkey in it, saying precisely the player will control the ball to move. In the game, there are also many obstacles set by the game to discourage players. Players need to increase or decrease the speed down to be able to overcome those obstacles. If the player is unable to complete the game within the allotted time or does not let the monkey fall, then you will lose.

The game gives players a more diverse experience; the game has added a lot of game modes for players to choose from. The first is the Story Mode, where players can explore the story of the game. Challenge Mode is a place for players to challenge themselves with many different levels that the game offers. Finally, Party Mode, players will have to compete with other players to win.

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